Video – Last Call for Tenessee Camp Meeting – October 24-31 – Last Update


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Updated Information for Camp – ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY NOW…..

More Cabins: We announced last month that we had more cabins available. We now have over 80 people registered for the event. We expect many more this month, but if you are coming reserve your spot now. I will have the list below of what is still available. The pickings are getting slim as most of the places have been reserved.

We have a few more speakers confirmed including Paul Nison of the Raw Life Health Show. He has been using the health message for years and will be sharing how he uses this to do outreach and helping others get healed from disease. He will also be doing a Raw Food Demonstration on Sunday.

Matt Dooley of Line of Truth Ministries will also be joining us at this camp to share some of the understandings he has come to with relation to God and His only begotten Son. He’ll also be sharing some of what he has been doing for outreach as well.

Another brother Andrae Battles of I Battle Daily Ministries will be sharing a lecture on “Sports and the Christian.”

The schedule is attached at the back. Again the theme of the camp meeting will be on the “Time of the Latter Rain”. Other speakers confirmed include Dean Ferrell, Christian Israel, Lyn Wright, and myself, David Barron, John Henry, Wayne Wright, Debbie Agardi. Some of the topics will include Health and the Medical Missionary work. Country Living, The State of the Church, the Truth About God, current events in light of Bible Prophecy and much much more.

We will also be encouraging and holding Small Group Bible Studies each day as well.
Charlotte Airport Bus Transport: Also for those who are flying in, we also have a bus that will be picking up at the airport in Charlotte, NC on October 23rd. The bus will be leaving the airport to the camp by 2:30 PM in the afternoon. It will also be doing a drop on November 1st at 12:00 PM. If you have special needs let us know. We want to make it work.

Catering will be provided. There is an kitchen in the pavilion, and further kitchens in the cottages. Lots of good water. Two Healthy and hearty Vegan meals per day will be provided to those who purchase the meal tickets. It is encouraged to order the meals so that we all can enjoy our time together at these meetings. If anyone needs gluten free, has allergies, or needs something special let us know.

Meals for Adults $150.00 Enter # of Guests Here ( )
Meals for Children $75.00 Up to 12 Enter # of Guests Here ( )
Children under 5 FREE Enter # of Guests Here ( )

IMPORTANT: BRING YOUR OWN BED AND BATH LINENS. WARM SLEEPING BAGS OR BLANKETS SHOULD BE BROUGHT. THOSE WHO CAN PLEASE BRING EXTRA AS OTHERS WILL NEED. Also, please remember to bring warm clothing as we don’t know what the weather will be like at that time of year. If you can’t please let us know. Check in day is October 23rd, Checkout will be on November 1st.

Lodging Still Available
RV Parking 200.00Electric/Water (1 LEFT) Parking Lot has lots of space and is free to park
Tenting Free – Enclosed Tent Platforms 5 Left
Hammock Room – Rustic 4 Single Beds – Sold as 1 – -$200.00 (AVAILABLE) Bring Heater
Enclosed Platform Cabins Sleep 6, Rustic no electricity. $150.00 (AVAILABLE) Bring heater
Family Duplex Sleeps 6 575.00(1 left)
Volunteer Cabin Loft 2 Singles in open area. (200.00)
Volunteer Cabin Attached Bedroom 4 Singles no heat. (175.00)

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