We had a camp meeting scheduled for this week which many of us were unable to attend. So we want to get together and study online, but also fellowship together. I have spoken with many, and I am expecting a wonderful turnout for these meetings. I will be on 30 minutes early for each meeting for any questions or requests. We also are willing to have special meetings during the week for any topics that there is requests for. But these will be the scheduled meetings this week.

ONLINE SCHEDULE THIS WEEK For those interested in advance. Mark these in your calendar so you don’t miss them. We will also be having some meetings during the day of requested topics and Questions and Answers for those interested. We have a special guest this Sabbath as well as ON Sunday Scott Mayer of Little Light Ministries will be with us giving us two presentations. We will be streaming all week long, and you do not want to miss this week.

Tuesday April 7th
7:30 PM – Christ our Passover

Wednesday April 8th
7:30 PM – A Spiritual Feast on the Word of God

Thursday April 9th-
12:00 PM – The Judgments are Falling
7:30PM – The Third Angels Message

Friday April 10th
7:30 PM – Daniel 3 – The Image and its relation to End Time Prophecy

Saturday April 11th
12:00 PM – Daniel 4 – A Prideful King and the Relation to End Times Prophecy
6:00 PM – Little Light Ministries – Programming the Mind – Scott Mayer

Sunday April 12th
12:00 PM – Little Light Ministries – Battlefield Hollywood – Scott Mayer
7:30 PM — Spiritualism

Monday April 13th
7:30 PM – The Two Covenants

Tuesday April 14th
7:30 PM – Romans 9 – The True Seed of God

Wednesday April 15th
12:00 PM – The Ceremonial Law
7:30PM – The Loud Cry

To Join the Meetings click the following LINK:

Audio conferencing participant will need to call: (929)205-6099
Use Meeting ID #750-403-122 followed by the # key.

Please save this email and copy the schedule.

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