Update + New Video – The King of the North – Daniel 11 – Final Events Fulfilling



This is a definite must “understand” topic as Jesus put it in Matthew 24, and Daniel was clear that “the wise would understand” (Dan 12:10) Things are coming to pass quickly and as you will see. This is also a continuation of the following video which is also a very important message to understand in this time. The King of the North in Daniel 11 is often misunderstood.

New World Order and the Final Agenda

Furthermore, we have also put up a series of videos concerning the character of God, and the God doesn’t Kill issue which should be understood by all. God’s name is being blasphemed, and many don’t realize that they are doing it. Very important messages.


There are several new videos up on the youtube channel, we are also working on a docu-series on the Sunday Law and currently editing the third and final part of the Deadliest Heresey in Seventh-day Adventism.

Also, our newsletter is about to go out with some of the recent prophetic news that has taken place this month, as well as an article concerning the recent time setting that has been taking place concerning the close of probation on Adventism, Sunday Laws, and the second coming of Christ, which some are saying will occur in 2022.

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