New Video – Omega Part 2 – Presence of God – The Deadliest Heresy in Seventh-day Adventism



Part 2 of 3 deals with the issue of the Presence of God also known as the Holy Spirit of the Father. It also goes over the issue of who God is, who His Son is, as well as who Ellen White said was the third highest being in heaven.

John H Kellogg believed that God the Holy Spirit was in all things, and in this video we find out just how close his view was to Ellen Whites, yet how truly far apart they were.

In part 1 which can be viewed here we discussed “the personality of GOd” and the fact that God is a person, not three persons. That video can be viewed here:

In Part 3 our attention will be focused, on the Son of God, what it means to be begotten, the fact that this is the foundation of the church. And finally, how according to Ellen Whites prophecy a new counterfeit organization and new movement was established under the same name Seventh-day Adventists. Be sure to like and subscribe for more.

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