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Yes, some of the headlines in this week’s news include “Facebook pledges extremism purge after Unilever boycott threat” and “Facebook promises to react after Unilever demanded a curb on extremist content”. Sometimes money talks.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google were grilled by congress a few months ago to take giant steps in eradicating extremist, and divisive content from their platforms. In the past week giant monopoly company Unilever who produces many products such as Dove soap, Vaseline, many food items as well, have threatened all three companies saying it will withdraw its advertising from online platforms such as Facebook and Google if they fail to eradicate content which “create division in society and promote anger and hate” .

Jesus Christ once said “”Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division.” (Luke 12:51-53)

Jesus came to divide. His teachings caused division. And a message is going forth right now concerning Babylon and her daughters which is a call to “come out of her my people.” (Revelation 18:4) So if Jesus were alive today, and some of his teachings were shared on Youtube, Facebook, Google or Twitter, then this call by Unilever CEO would be to eradicate his content from your platform.

And just who decides what is divisive? Pope Francis maybe? The Unilever CEO?

Well, Unilever CEO Paul Polman is a huge supporter of Pope Francis and has even tweeted some of Pope Francis’ tweets concerning climate change on his own twitter feed. What if someone decided Polman’s tweets were divisive and took them down? That is very unlikely to happen. Why? Because it is only those who are not coming in line with the Papal agenda who will be considered the dividers.

Fortune magazine has named Paul Polman among the world’s greatest leaders at #20 and Pope Francis at #3. Paul Polman welcomed Pope Francis to America in 2015 where Francis gave a speech concerning division. Paul Polman as well as Pope Francis are large backers of the United Nations Agenda 2030, a revamped Agenda 21. Francis spelled out who they believe the dividers were when he said this in his speech to congress in 2015:

“we must be especially attentive to every type of fundamentalism… The contemporary world, with its open wounds which affect so many of our brothers and sisters, demands that we confront every form of polarization which would divide it into these two camps must move forward together, as one, in a renewed spirit of fraternity and solidarity, cooperating generously for the common good…”
(Pope Francis to Congress Sept 24th, 2015 Address to Congress)

noun: fundamentalism – a form of a religion, especially Islam or Protestant Christianity, that upholds belief in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture.

Fundamentalism starts with those who believe in the strict, literal interpretation of the Bible. Pope Benedict said we shouldn’t take the Bible Literally. Furthermore, Pope Francis has said things like God didn’t create the world in six days as the Bible literally teaches. Pope Francis has also likened those who would attempt to keep the commandments of God “cowardly” and that it “paralyzes” the Christian. And “Christian Fundamentalism is a sickness”.

Where does this leave us if we believe the literal words in the Bible? Well, it leaves us where we can’t trust Jesus and the word if we were to follow the Pope. This higher criticism of God’s word has been done by numerous cult leaders in history leading many to spiritualize away the word of God and to put their trust in a man’s reinterpretation of the word of God.

We have the awful history to remind us of what happened in the past when men were ignorant of the scriptures and followed the teachings of men. History is merely repeating itself with these world leaders ready to decide what we can and can’t trust. To decide what is divisive and what is uniting. And those who refuse to go along with the Papal dogmas, the Trinity, Sunday Keeping, Climate Change, evolution, spiritualism, vaccinations, GMO’s, etc. Will be labelled as the dividers among society. And because of their “extreme” views the aim of the Papacy and those supporting him will be to eradicate them from having a say in society all for the “common good”. (Rev 13:15-17)

And it will come to pass, firstly because the word of God has said “That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been.” (Ecclesiastes 3:15) and furthermore because men are ignorant of this word, but also because they are ignorant of history. (Rev 13:4, 8) Especially the history of the dark ages where the Catholic Church used the power of the State for over 1200 years to enforce their beliefs upon the world and in this eradicated somewhere between 50-150 million souls in trying to do so. (Dan 7:25, Rev 13:8, 17:3-5)

Pope Francis has also met with Apple Head Tim Cook, Google Head Eric Schmidt, and also facebook head Mark Zuckerberg recently and the apparent trend seems to be in the direction of eradicating the free flow of information on the Internet that might not be in agreement with the Papal agenda.

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Grace and Peace to you through God the Father, and Jesus Christ our Lord,
David Barron

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