Fake News and the Attack on the First Amendment


ndaa-2017-attack-on-free-speech JFK once said “we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and secret proceedings. We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive and unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweighed the dangers which are cited to justify it.

The first amendment was written to protect freedom of speech and of the press so that facts could not be suppressed. So that freedom of speech could not be outlawed. But today many are crying for laws outlawing certain speech. The term “Hate speech” has gotten a lot of outcry from the people, and the solutions being offered are contrary to the first amendment of the constitution. JFK continued in his speech by telling us that we as a people “are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”

Did JFK have inside information that helped him understand that there was truly “a monolithic conspiracy”? That there were “secret societies” that were working to attack the freedom of the press. In his speech he also said “Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed– and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First (emphasized) Amendment— the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution—

He understood that there was conspiracy to “censor the news”. He understood that this was an attack on the first amendment. Shortly after this speech John F. Kennedy was shot. Several questions surrounding that day still remain unanswered.

Over the Christmas holidays this year Barack Obama signed the NDAA bill which authorized 619 million dollars to the military to establish an anti-propoganda center to fight fake news and censor what they deem to be propaganda. (McCauley)

If Adolph Hitler were in power today, and a law was made to ban fake news. Do you believe that Hitler would have used that power to shut down websites that may be dissenting from his beliefs?

Lately many politicians such as Obama, Hillary, the European Union and others have been calling for a ban on what they deem to be fake news. Google has taken steps in Europe to shut down sites that seem to have extreme messages. But what has just happened is going to force facebook, google, and youtube to take action.

“German officials are following through on their promise to do something about fake news and “hate speech” on the Internet. A proposed law that Angela Merkel supports would impose fines as high as $53 million on social-media networks that do not satisfactorily police what their users post. Wednesday, Merkel’s cabinet approved the “draft bill” likely to become law. Germany already has speech restrictions, but this bill would go a step further by making companies such as Twitter and Facebook responsible to remove offending content within 24 hours. If they fail to do so, they could face multimillion-dollar fines.” (Crookston, 2017)

download (1) The German government is petitioning the European Union to come down on this issue. But Facebook is a worldwide platform. So that means that this will not only affect those in Germany, but it will affect people in the United States as well. If Facebook does not want to receive a 53 million dollar fine, which I’m sure they don’t, they will be removing fake news no questions asked. Even if it is real news.

Laws are being made that will be restricting the press, and restricting freedom of speech. How does this affect those who are sharing truth, the gospel and bible prophecy?

Well, recently facebook has hired Snopes.com as a fake news fact checker. This fact checker described herself as an “openly left-leaning” liberal. She trashed the Tea Party as “teahadists.” Basically likening them as terrorists and has called Bill Clinton “one of our greatest” presidents.

They have been caught omitting information when facts are contrary to their political leanings with respect to Obama, Hillary, and John Kerry among others. Recently Pope Francis was a victim of fake news when an online website called REAL NEWS NOW put out an article called “Pope Francis: God has Instructed me to change the Ten Commandments.” This article was shared far and wide, especially by Seventh-day Adventists. But it wasn’t “Real News”.

Numerous fake news websites have been popping up all over the web in the past 2 years, however, most could not discern that this was a fake news website. An article was written in response by the Catholic Herald saying that “Pope Francis victim of fake news after reports claim he changed Ten Commandments.“ http://www.catholicherald.co.uk/news/2017/03/14/pope-francis-victim-of-fake-news-after-reports-claim-he-changed-ten-commandments/

Snopes.com came along reporting the news to be fake. But yet omitting some facts as it has done on many occasions. This story has a history as some who are bible prophecy students understand. Many know that the bible mentions a power in Daniel 7 called “the little horn”. We recognize this to be the Papal system or the Pope. But furthermore, we also know that the bible says that this power “thinks to change times and laws” (Daniel 7:25). And we understand that the Pope really has changed the Ten Commandments.

Historic documentation from the Catholic Church themselves tells us that they have done this very thing. If we compare Exodus 20 and the Ten Commandments to a Catholic Catechism, you’ll notice that the 2nd commandment is missing, and that 10th is divided in half. And finally that most of the wording of the fourth commandment concerning the Sabbath day being the Seventh day is removed. They admit themselves that they changed God’s commandments.

maxresdefault “We observe Sunday instead of Saturday because the Catholic Church in the Council of Laodicea (364 AD) transferred the solemnity from Saturday to Sunday.” (The Converts Catechism, Peter Giermann, page 50. This catechism received the pope’sdroppedImage blessing on January 25, 1910)“Sunday is a Catholic institution, and its claims to observance can be defended only on Catholic principles… From beginning to end of Scripture there is not a single passage that warrants the transfer of weekly public worship from the last day of the week to the first.” (The Catholic Press, Sydney, Australia, August, 1900)

“Protestants… accept Sunday rather than Saturday as the day for public worship after the Catholic Church made the change… But the Protestant mind does not seem to realize that in observing Sunday, they are accepting the authority of the spokesman for the church, the Pope.” (Our Sunday Visitor, February 5, 1950)

Out of their own mouths they admit to changing God’s Ten Commandments. Particularly the one commandment to do with time which Daniel talks about. (Dan 7:25) So the European Union is said to be taking steps to fight fake news. Prime Minister Muscat, the Current European Union President said “I do think he [Pope Francis] is the ultimate world leader…”

If all of this is true, and these become the people in charge of the internet and media, then we can only expect that some very restrictive laws are soon to ban those who might be promoting content concerning the Papacy changing God’s commandments.

Here in America A very subtle war has been declared against the first amendment which reads as follows:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”
As JFK said “no republic can survive” when that freedom of press is taken from the people.

Recently I presented a message on this topic called “Liberty of Conscience Threatened” which contains much more information. There is also a new video that will be released on Youtube soon with several clips documenting some facts that more than suggest that the mainstream media is programming many with propaganda and fake news. And that these may well be the ones guarding the hen house quite soon.

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