New Video – Under the Law – The Two Covenants – The Value of the Blood


Humanity has been sold to slavery, all have become servants of a cruel taskmaster. Sin has reigned, ruled, and had dominion over them. They have been under sin, under the curse, under the condemnation of the law because the wages of sin are death. Wages that can only bring one into an incredible debt that can only be paid by the blood of one. The central theme of this message is the blood of the everlasting covenant.

What does the term “under the law” as Paul used it mean? This message helps us understand that His covenant is not limited to time, and that a man can at any time in history pass from the old to the new, from under the law, to under grace, from unbelief to faith, from sold under sin, to redeemed by the blood. And that the promises of God have the same power they had when given to the patriarchs and prophets in old times.

That our Father was not a monster in those old times desiring people to come to Him through their own works, but rather that they could accept the promise of the Holy Spirit back then, even as we do today. That this is the way, the only way, and that their is no other way.

This video is a clear bible study on these issues, and brings out many of our preconceived ideas so that we can dispose of them and truly worship the Father in Spirit and in TRUTH.

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