New Video – Sunday Laws in the Pipeline Part 3


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A religious task force in America by former attorney general Jeff Sessions and Archbishop Joseph Kurtz was made last year to combat secularists they say. What is a secularist? According to the dictionary it is those who oppose the idea of Church and State unions. Now that Jeff Sessions has left office, Donald Trump has nominated William Barr to be the potential Attorney General. And just what does Barr believe? He believes that God’s law should be the law of the land in America. And he’s Catholic.

For those who understand, the 10 commandments of Catholics is different than the 10 commandments of the Bible. And Sunday is obviously part of their 10 commandments which is contrary to the Bible.

Furthermore a religious task force was made in France in order to enforce Sunday laws. They are refusing to release the documents concerning this religious task force, and that is just as was predicted. “The Sunday Law is making its way in darkness.”

For those who don’t understand that Sunday is not Biblical Here is a Bible Study on it:

Furthermore, a Study on the Mark of the beast.

Who is the Antichrist:

America in Prophecy:

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