New Video – Hacksaw Ridge – Channeling Desmond Doss – Devils Acting Andrew Garfield


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In the movie Hacksaw Ridge a documentary concerning Seventh-day Adventist war hero Desmond Doss, actor Andrew Garfield admits to praying to and allowing Desmond Doss to inhabit him. The Bible calls this practice necromancy or witchcraft.

Many practicing Christians went to see this movie expecting that they were watching a depiction of a true American hero. But in this video we expose the fact that despite the movie looking good to the eyes, and the possibility that friends may come to view their religion in a better light. This movie comes from a source calculated to destroy faith in the word as with most movies today.

In Garfield’s follow up movie he portrays a Jesuit Priest. In this video we connect all the dots for you so that you might understand what the agenda truly is behind this film.

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