New Video – Was it For the Jews or For Mankind? Was the New Covenant with Jews or Gentiles?


Many say that the Sabbath and other laws were made “for the Jews” and that they are in a New Covenant now. But the Bible clearly indicates that the New Covenant was made with Jews(Judah) and that those who enter into it are not considered gentiles after they accept. (Eph 2:11, 12).

The New Covenant also indicates that the law is to be written in the heart, whereas when the other covenant at Sinai was made it was merely written on paper. Jesus also taught that the Sabbath was made for men. He didn’t say the Sabbath was made for the JEws. Furthermore, what about the church. Was the building or house, temple or church still the same back then, God dwelling in them by His Spirit and them becoming sons by the new birth alone, by grace through faith. Was God different back then? We touch on some of these issues in this video.

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