Kenneth Copeland Fire From Heaven 2018 – Satan’s Counterfeit


As the wounds of division between the Catholic’s and Charasmatics are healing. But further wounds of division have also been healed and the closing events are rapidly fulfilling as the State is making vows to fulfill Revelation 13 in giving power to the Kings of the Earth. Satan and His angels are working miracles in this movement, and Copeland is professing to be a prophet of God, hearing the voice of God tell him that 2018 is the year of fire.

if rightly understood, we can see that this fire from heaven is very similar to the Satanic Spirit that was filling James and John when they desired to bring down fire from heaven.

Copeland also is calling Luther and the Reformation the Spirit of Division, and Protestants are the cause of strife and fightings, and furthermore that this spirit of division is none other than Satan himself.

Basically in the end of it all those who won’t join in this worldwide movement will soon be outlaws.

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