January 2020 Newsletter – Several Updates


In this months Newsletter:
2020 – Time for Reflection
Trump – Saviour and deliverer?
Galatians – Observers of TIMES
April 2019 Camp Meeting
Prayer in Schools
Order Sheet
202001 Newsletter

We have come to an impasse with our printer as of late, it has printed SOME of the newsletters, but we are needing to upgrade to a plan for this printer as the parts and service are costing. Our mailing list continues to grow and we are so happy that these newsletters are getting into many homes and being read. Thank you to all the subscribers who have helped continue to provide materials and get these materials into the homes of others. I’ve been thinking of sharing some of the amazing testimonials that I have been receiving.

We will try to get the newsletters out that have been printed, we plan to get back on track next month. We also would like to be able to produce more videos as well relating to current events, but also important concepts for strengthening faith in the midst of a fallen generation.

In this months newsletter we talk about the upcoming camp we have planned in Dandridge TN in April, it is looking like a very beautiful retreat, but we are once again looking forward to another amazing fellowship.

Registration forms and an update will be published soon on the camp, so be sure to be subscribed to receive the latest updates. Blessings, David.

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